Building Funds - Funds provided for the construction and/or renovation of buildings.

Capital Expenses - Funds provided for endowment purposes, buildings, construction, or equipment.

Corporate Foundations - Corporate foundations derive their funds from profit-making businesses; they are Private Foundations. Legally independent of the corporation, the corporate foundation is nevertheless closely tied to the corporation through its board and funding. 

Cultivation A relationship with the funder is being developed (e.g. through a meeting or site visit).  In Grant Connect this is a stage within the funder pipeline.

Deficit Financing - Funds to reduce the recipient organization's indebtedness.

Endowment Funds - Funds intended to be kept permanently and invested to provide income for continued support of the organization.

Emergency Funds - A one-time grant to cover immediate short-term funding needs on an urgent basis.

Equipment Funds - Funds to purchase equipment, furnishings, or other materials.

Family Foundations - Family foundations are generally the best known and certainly the most numerous foundations in Canada. A large share of the assets of Canada's foundations is in the hands of family foundations. Family foundations are usually established by a wealthy individual or family. Their areas of granting interest can usually be attributed to the funder's or family's interests; however, many larger family organizations now look at broader needs within the community. Governance and management vary widely.

Foundation - Foundations are a type of charitable organization that primarily exist to distribute funds. Canadian foundations may give grants (donations) to other charities, they may exist to be a funding arm for another charity - such as hospital foundations - or they may carry on their own charitable activities. Foundations in Canada are categorized as either public or private. These types generally differ by their funding sources and governance structure.

Funder Pipeline - A funder "pipeline" is a way of visualizing, organizing, and managing the gift solicitation process. 

Grantmaking Foundation - In Grant Connect, a “grantmaking” foundation is one that provides gifts to other non-profit organizations at the ongoing discretion of their staff and/or board of directors. In Canada, approximately 10,000 charities are currently registered as public or private foundations. However, the word "foundation" is not synonymous with "grantmaker". Most foundations in Canada are not involved in grantmaking activities. For example, the majority of hospital foundations have been established solely to raise funds for their associated health care entity.

Identified -  The funder has been identified as a possible prospect. In Grant Connect this is a stage within the funder pipeline.

Label - Labels are similar to "folders" that you may use on your computer or in email. In Grant Connect, labels are used to categorize funders according to your preference. Just like a folder, everything categorized under a particular label is grouped together and can be retrieved at your convenience.

Matching Funds - A grant that is made to match funds provided by another donor.

Qualified - It has been determined that the prospect has a strong likelihood of supporting your organization/project and it is anticipated that your organization will move forward with a request for funding. In Grant Connect this is a stage within the funder pipeline.

Seed / Start-up Funding - A grant used to start a new project or organization. Seed grants may cover salaries and other operating expenses of a new project.

Solicitation - An application to the funder is in progress or has been submitted. In Grant Connect this is a stage within the funder pipeline.

Stewardship A gift has been received and acknowledgment/recognition for the gift as well as follow-up reports will potentially be expected. In Grant Connect this is a stage within the funder pipeline.

Support for Operating Costs / Overhead - Funds to cover the regular personnel, administrative and other expenses for an existing program or project.

Technology Funds - Funds to purchase, upgrade, or support computers and other related technology.

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